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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plant of the Week: Tweedia caerulea

Botanical name:  Tweedia caerulea.
Common name:  Blue flowered milkweed.
Family name:  Asclepiadaceae

OK fellow gardening fans, this is this week's plant of the week.  A great little flowering shrub.  I love the little pale blue star shaped flowers which grow in abundance right through summer and into early autumn.  Tweedias will grow up to about a meter high, but will need a bit of support if you want to keep it's shape. They need a sunny spot in your garden, but does require a bit of shelter from strong winds (I'm talking to you Wellingtonians).  They will grow well in pots and make a good cut flower for the vase, too.  
Let me know how it looks in your garden!!! 

Extra for Blooming geeks:  This plant was named after the American plant collector James Tweedie.

1 comment:

  1. A perfectly blue flower - one of my favourites for old fashioned charm! I was looking for the flowering season of it and you answered my question perfectly thank you!!