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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HOT TIP OF THE WEEK: Getting rid of weeds

All puns aside this really is a hot tip.
I have been searching for a ‘spray free’ method of getting rid of the weeds that have been popping up through the cracks of my driveway and paths. Can something as simple as boiling hot water really do the job? Honestly, yes. I came across other suggestions: Vinegar, salt, soap solutions, baking powder, blowtorch (which sounded like fun), getting on your hands and knees and pulling them up (boo) etc. But something as simple (and cheap) as boiling water was the method I chose to give a go first. Can’t believe I had not done this before.  It’s as easy as: Make a cup of coffee, tip the rest of the boiling water from the jug on to any weeds, sit down, drink your coffee and watch those weeds die.  Other boiling water I have used this week has been the the water from steaming my vege for dinner.
Here’s the proof.
Before (ie prepare to die)

Pour on the boiling hot water

The next day (even better the day after that)
I have read that you may have to try a second dose if the weeds don’t die.  I have had to do this to the ones with tap roots (
eg dandelion). JP

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