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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Blooming Tales is back.

The Blooming Tales is resurfacing after a long hot hibernation! Since my last post (over four years ago) a lot has happened.

I finished my Certificate in Horticulture (NZ open polytechnic) and two weeks later packed up our life in Auckland and headed to Qatar for work and an overseas experience with the family.

Active gardening took a back seat but my love of learning about and exploring the plant kingdom did not. From watching my friends date palms produce fruit to admiring the beauty of desert plants, there were still little gardening memories to be made.

Now back in beautiful New Zealand, we have settled in Hawkes Bay to a property with a glasshouse, fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens and a rekindled passion for all things gardening. My blog is also going to be kicked back into shape. It will be a place where I share garden activities, things I read, learn and my trials and errors. Things I grow, propagate and make from my produce. I’d love to hear about your gardening life too, so feel free to share your photos and experiences.

My most recent harvest was a colourful kg of very hot chilies. Find out more about this in my next post. JP

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